She is Taking on the World, one woman at a time. But who is she and what does she do? Her name is Natalie MacNeil; she’s an entrepreneurial powerhouse empowering career-minded women to follow their dreams. Natalie started her blog, She Takes On The World five years ago as she was starting up her own business. Over the years her success has skyrocketed, and She Takes on the World was recently named by Forbes as one of 10 Best Career Sites for Women and by ForbesWoman on its list of Top 100 Websites for Women. The blog was also the 2010 winner of Blog of the Year at the Stevie Awards, dubbed “the Oscars of business”, as proven on her site which can be found here.

Last Tuesday I attended a Social Media Breakfast in Kitchener, where I networked and talked about everything and anything social media related with others working in the industry. The highlight of my day was without a doubt meeting Natalie. I had been reading her blog for years and have always looked up to her as an inspirational role model; a woman who had a vision of what she wanted to do, and made it happen — absolutely amazing!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Natalie and tell her about my new business, Beccomm. Not only did she give great advice to me as a young entrepreneur just starting out, but she actually took a look at my website and said she thought it looked great – what a compliment! Coming from Natalie herself, I was ecstatic!

What I learned that day at the Social Media Breakfast is to always seize opportunities – to meet other people, to try new things, and to push yourself to be the best that you can be. I strongly believe that it is important to share your knowledge, challenges and experiences with others so that you can grow and help others to grow, too.

With that said, here are my Top 10 must-read She Takes on the World resources:

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Natalie, thank you for inspiring me all these years to follow my heart and to truly go for what I want in life. Meeting you in person and having the opportunity to talk with you one-on-one was an experience I will never forget!

Her advice that every entrepreneur should know?

Network, network, network & never take ‘NO’ for an answer!